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On Monday evening, I watched my primary, The Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell.
Although O’Donnell laudably tried to focus the audience’s awareness onand hopefully previous, Charlie Sheen trainwreck interview, courtesy of the tragic undertow that threatens to pull Sheen beneath for high-quality, I used to be overtaken, not by the pulling about the thread, and therefore the voracious audience he serves. It did not make me unhappy, it manufactured me angry.

In the case of celebrities, we could be a heartless region, basking in their misfortunes like nude sunbathers at Schadenfreude Seaside. The impulse is understandable, to some diploma. It could possibly be grating to pay attention to complaints from many people who take pleasure in privileges that many of us can’t even contemplate. In case you can’t muster up some compassion for Charlie Sheen, who can make a lot more bucks for any day’s effort than most of us will make inside a decade’s time, I guess I can’t blame you.

Together with the fast pace of activities on the web in addition to the data revolution sparked through the Online world, it is really painless for the technological know-how industry to consider it is exclusive: always breaking new ground and doing elements that no one has ever before done in advance of.

But you will find other sorts of enterprise that have currently undergone a lot of the same radical shifts, and also have just as superb a stake inside future.

Consider healthcare, as an example.

We generally believe that of it as being a substantial, lumbering beast, but in reality, medicine has undergone a sequence of revolutions while in the previous 200 many years which can be a minimum of equal to all those we see in technologies and material.

Significantly less understandable, but however within the norms of human nature, is the impulse to rubberneck, to slow down and investigate the carnage of Charlie spectacle of Sheen’s unraveling, but of your blithe interviewer Sheen’s life as we pass it from the best lane of our each day lives. To be straightforward, it could be tough for people today to discern the difference in between a run-of-the-mill attention whore, and an honest-to-goodness, circling the drain tragedy-to-be. On its personal merits, a quote like “I Am On the Drug. It is Known as Charlie Sheen” is sheer genius, and we can not all be expected to take the total measure of someone’s existence each individual time we listen to one thing amusing.

Quickly forward to 2011 and I'm endeavoring to take a look at signifies of getting a little more business-like about my hobbies (largely new music). From the finish of January I had manned up and started to promote my blogs. I had established a few different blogs, which were contributed to by close friends and colleagues. I promoted these routines by Facebook and Twitter.

2nd: the small abomination that the Gang of 5 about the Supream Court gave us a yr or so in the past (Citizens Inebriated) really consists of a tad bouncing betty of its personal that may really effectively go off during the faces of Govs Wanker, Sacitch, Krysty, and J.O. Daniels. Seeing that this ruling prolonged the notion of “personhood” to both equally businesses and unions, to strive to deny them any appropriate to run inside the legal framework that they had been organized below deprives these “persons” from the freedoms of speech, association and movement. Which means (as soon as yet again, quoting law school educated friends and family) that both the courts really need to uphold these rights for the unions (as individual “persons” as assured through the Federal (and most state) constitutions, or they've to declare that these attempts at stripping or limiting union rights have to utilize to primary businesses, also.

There are many ways to manage your finances online, but many of them handle only the paying of run-of-the-mill bills. A site starting in beta-test mode on Monday, called Manilla, is aiming for something broader.

Manilla, which is owned by the publishing company Hearst, wants to help people organize four categories of accounts: household bills, like phone and cable; magazine subscriptions; air travel rewards programs; and financial bills like mortgages and credit cards. Once users sign up for Manilla they can link their personal accounts to the service and are supplied with a simple and clean interface to manage them.

Jessica Insalaco, an executive vice president at Manilla, said people the company surveyed said they were constantly baffled by the bills, subscriptions and other programs they have to manage. People also feel overwhelmed by the piles of paper bills they face on a daily basis, she said.

I tested Manilla ahead of its introduction and found that the process of linking and managing a bill was simple. I linked my AT&T phone bill to the service and it took only a few seconds to hook up the two sites and begin managing my account from Manilla.

Manilla isn’t only trying to help people organize their household finances. The company is teaming with businesses, too, hoping to offer a less expensive alternative to paper bills.

According to the United States Postal Service’s 2010 Annual Report, businesses in the United States send 48 billion account notices, statements and bills to customers each year. That’s a lot of paper that ultimately ends up in garbage dumps and paper shredders.

“Right now, some companies can spend up to 75 cents on a single paper bill,” Ms. Insalaco said. “We want to work with these major companies to send us the bill, reducing the cost of the paper version, and we will act as the middleman to the consumer.”

To make this process even more seamless, Manilla plans to create “premier partnerships” with some companies. Manilla said in a company blog post that it was opening with Comcast as its first premier partner, where cable customers who sign up for Manilla will no longer receive a paper bill, but will instead be billed directly through Manilla.

The company plans to add several premier partners when it has its full introduction in coming months.

As VentureBeat's Matt Marshall said when he kicked off DEMO yesterday, this show has been "all about social." From social CRM systems to photo sharing to video and group chat, DEMO 2011 has evidenced the continuing power of the idea of a "social" Web. At the same time, we saw a number of futuristic devices cross the stage, from an altitude simulating pod to virtual dressing room software and brainwave reading headbands.

In the end, only six can win, and here they are. Descriptions are taken from the DEMO website.

  • The Webcam Social Shopper by Zugara

"The Webcam Social Shopper is an advanced apparel visualization and social media engagement product that's licensed to online retailers. The product enables online apparel shoppers to visualize if an item's style is right for them by replicating the in-store experience of taking an item off the rack, holding it up to themselves, and asking a friend (or the mirror) 'What do you think?' All the shopper needs is a computer and a webcam."

  • Nimble

"Nimble is the world's first Social Relationship Manager. It easily connects all of your Contacts, Calendars, Communications plus Social Listening and Engagement into a simple, affordable Web-based platform for individuals and teams. Nimble integrates LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google & Email into one seamless environment. Nimble empowers small businesses in today's socially connected world to collaborate more efficiently, to listen and engage with their community to attract and retain the right customers."

  • ecoATM

"The ecoATM is an automated self-serve eCycling kiosk that uses patented machine vision, electronic diagnostics, and artificial intelligence to evaluate and buy-back used electronics directly from consumers for cash or store credit. ecoATM kiosks provide a convenient trade-in solution that electronically and visually inspects any consumer electronic device, pays consumers immediately in cash and/or store credit, and automatically administers trade-in / trade-up promotions for retailers and manufacturers."

  • Stratosphere by V3

"Stratosphere supports up to 400 virtual desktops in a 2U server. These virtual desktops are faster than traditional desktops, use 1/30th the power and cost significantly less than other virtual and traditional desktop solutions."

  • Manilla

"Manilla is a free personal account management service that helps consumers manage all of their household accounts including bills, finances, travel rewards programs and subscriptions in one place online. Manilla gives customers an automated, organized view of all their account information, reminders to pay bills and lifetime storage of all their statements, notices, offers and bills."

  • Ecobe (alpha pitch)

"'Why should that guy get paid so much for using my content? - He shouldn't.' gives back 75% of our search engine's advertising profit to content providers. Our patented profit sharing formula uses visits by Ecobe search engine users to a domain, as the basis for calculating a monthly profit share. In essence, Ecobe charges a 25% commission for allowing content creators to leverage a search engine's profits to monetize their content."

  • People's Choice Award (and the cool million bucks): GutCheck

"GutCheck is an innovative do-it-yourself Web application for conducting qualitative research, which enables one-on-one chat interviews with target market consumers, at 10% of the cost of other traditional methods. In a matter of minutes you can be connected with a specific target consumer (ie. Females, aged 24-36, HHI of $45k-$65k and drives a mini-van) and obtain feedback and insights for your marketing, advertising or product development."

Source: corporate Reputation Management

The ultimate in repairing a bruised reputation for business

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