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This may seem to be quite unlikely,, on the other hand with the newly found popularity of penny stock trading; alot of common, everyday folks have been earning some serious coin from as few as 1 or 2 deals - buying penny stocks that all cost you less than a share to acquire.

Yes, I'm absolutely mindful that this may seem like a lot of garbage, but you would be very wrong if you think that it isn't actually happening daily. We have witnessed tons of companies whose stock price had dropped to literally pennies per share and in some conditions fractions of a penny per share, which happen to have made very sharp and explosive rises to levels that are 2, 3 or as high as 10 to 20 times that price in just a few days.

It's still hard to imagine right?? For confirmation, Take a brief second to check out a couple of these stocks yourself, for instance Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc.. (SNPK). Try typing the ticker symbol into virtually any financial site, Take a look at their historical charts for the previous 90 days or so; you'll notice right off that this company's stock was just $.43 a share close to the middle of March, and climbed to as high as .40 just weeks later. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that if we'd invested 0 it would have increased to approximately 00 in just a couple of weeks time. For this very factor people are generally able to give up their day jobs to trade 1 or 2 penny stocks a month, and pay all of their bills and benefit from life stress-free.

By doing a little due diligence, you can make really good profits from penny stock investing; and it doesn't take the long-term investing that you often have to be prepared for when you invest in your usual blue chip stocks. Stocks of the big guys might see a 5% rise in a week (and they'll call that a good week), but if you've only got 0 to invest - generating in a week is certainly not cause to jump up and down... best you can do with that type of gain is go to a movie... by yourself!

Much like with any investment, even penny stock investing has risks, but think of this: if you're able to invest $500 in a penny stock and potentially turn that small investment into thousands within weeks (and I don't mean 52 weeks) - the risk/reward ratio weighs greatly in your favor. On the contrary, you could invest in nice "safe" blue chip companies and possibly see a gain of a couple hundred bucks a year.. that's if you don't invest in top of the line blue chips like Tyco, Enron or

Right now, we're paying close attention to Pazoo, Inc. (PZOO). This particular stock went from dormant to trading over 1 million shares as of last Thursday. The price was pretty constant all day Thursday, even with the heavy trading (staying at $.10 per share), but then on Friday -things started to improve ( the stock closed at $.135 - a 35% gain in One day). At the time of this writing, the stock is continuing to climb today (7/23/12) climbing to just under $.15 per share. The beauty of this company is that it has basic principles; a good team, good product mix and revenue!

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